Friday, November 7, 2008


A NEW TOOL From SAP………….ADD Multiple Instances to your BR*TOOL studio and enjoy freedom of Administration for Multiple Instances with your favourite WEB browser..

Download Br *TOOL studio from SDN(
Link Given Below

Now Come to your Server

Create a Studio home in any Drive With This Directory Structure


EXTRACT the SAPCAR -xvf BRSTUDIO710EN__XXX.SAR into this directory

1) Call setup.cmd from command prompt
2) Click Install
3) Give https port By Default its 8888
4) Provide Password
5) Now keystore File (This is for security as we are using HTTPS)
We need to generate it using JAVA commands
Open Command Prompt Change Directory to java home
Run This Command and provide info:
Keytool -genkey
Give this path to next screen and password also you provide just now
Now a file has been generated
C:\document and setting\username\.keystore
6) Now installation is over.

CLICK HERE TO Know How to use Studio Now...

Gagan Deep Kaushal


wasim said...

Why ain't you blogging these days ..
Can you write about installing oracle in unix(solaris) + all the other stuff like .. upgrading the database version , patches ..

Gagan Deep Kaushal said...

As Per your suggestions i wrote some post on DB oracle upgarde..

Hope you like it........

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