Sunday, May 3, 2009

SMS Setting in SAP (SCOT Configuration for SMS)

HI All ,

Here i am sharing the procedure/configuration to send the message from SAP .

Go to T-code SCOT

You will see screen like this

Click on PAG and then create button on same screen

Provide detail as:

Description: SMS Integration

Select HTTP Node

Provide URL provided by third party

Keep password this field blank as we have provided the same in URL itself

Provide maximum length of character allowed by service provider

Provide field address area as *

Provide the time in minutes or hours (depends )

Select Node is ready to Use

Now you can see HTTP service

HTTP Virtual host Configuration

Go to T-code SICF and select default host and then New Sub element

In Log-on tab provide user name and password for same client
Click on HANDLER List tab and provide the handler as shown below

Finally activate the service

HTTP Client proxy setting:

In same T-code SICF

In HTTP Log tab provide proxy detail

Maintain pager Service

Go to Client 000 and run t-code SA14

Provide detail as shown below

Pager Serv: BAL
Use :SMS Service

Go to SPRO in your customizing client

SAP Web Application Server  Basis Services Address Management Define pager services

Provide detail

Pager serv : SMS
Pager service : SMS
Use : SMS Service

Composing a SMS

Go to T-code SBWP

Click on New Message

To monitor the process go to T-code SCOT here you can see 1 in waiting as we have given time for 2 minutes it will send the message after 2 min only

Go to T-code SOST and here we can check the status of message

That's all now you can check you mobile phone for Message :)

Gagan Deep Kaushal


ramesh said...

Hi Gagan,

i have followed your steps for SMS configuration. But i am getting the following error message

" No delivery to SMS:9900575692 due to problem with communication connection"
please help me


Faizan said...

Nice Blog Friend

Naughty Sms

sanjay said...

Hi Gagan, Please help me with SAP Securities, If you have any flow chart is going to be big help.



Dhananjay Mishra said...

hi gagan,
please tell me when before sms integration did i have manage gateway, of its sufficient through internet connection & sap settings without any gateway.

sadiq said...

Hi Gagan
Can you please send me pre requisite before setting SMS.

kushant said...

Pl. send to me detial of SMTP configuration.
eg. Outgoing PORT
Agent Relay

Marcos Scofield said...

Hello, my name is Mark and I am very urgently in need of your help ...
How that actually works would send this sms, which functions, programs, or procedures that will need to use. How to work here in Brazil, you can help me, anything can send me an email:
Already thank you! And awaiting a return.

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