Friday, January 23, 2009

How to Lock or Unlock a Client in SAP ?

Hi All,

Here i am writing the procedure to lock amd unlock a client in SAP,very rarely we need to use it..But stil u should know so follow these simple steps...

1) To lock or unlock a client in R/3 System, run the following function modules in

transaction se37

2. SSCR_LOCK_CLIENT ( to lock the client)
3. SSCR_UNLOCK_CLIENT (to unlock the client)

Run these functions with a client input which is to be locked/unlocked. This function set flag '' Client is locked temporarily for client copy" in client maintenance menu.The client will be available for users DDIC and SAP*. If any other user tries to login, system gives message that ' Client locked temporarily'.

To unlock the client

1. Run transaction SE37
2. Enter the function module as SSCR_UNLOCK_CLIENT
3. press F8 or test run (single run).
4. Specify the client and execute(F8).

Follow similar procedure for locking the client...

Enjoy ........

Gagan Deep Kaushal

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Tee Chess said...

Thanks for writing and sharing the steps the to lock and unlock a client. I will try these functions to know and understand more clearly about them.
what is sap ecc 6.0

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