Monday, October 20, 2008

Kernel Update Process

Download Latest SAP kernel From Service Market Place:

1. Copy the patch into a temporary directory on your system.
2. Unpack the patch using SAPCAR.
3. Stop the SAP System. (With NT you may also have to stop the SAP services using the Control Panel).
4. Save the kernel directory by backup or by copying into a separate backup directory.
UNIX: /usr/sap//sys/exe/run
NT: :\usr\sap\\sys\exe\run
If you use a 4.6D-based SAP system (64-bit, non-Unicode) or a SAP system 6.20 or higher (32-bit or 64-bit, Unicode or non-Unicode), there are also the following kernel directories:
NT: :\usr\sapsys\exe\nuc\ (Non-Unicode)
NT: :\usr\sapsys\exe\uc\ (Unicode)
5. This way, you will always have the option to return to the old kernel
version if problems occur with the new patch.
6. Copy or move the unpacked programs into the SAP kernel directory.

For Complete Info Follow SAP NOTE 19466

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